Thursday, May 20, 2010


This year is our FIVE year anniversary! Woohoo!!! Over the winter we talked about going to New York for an anniversary trip. However, Steven and Davie have been missing out on each other's company too much. So we are going on our fifth annual summer trip to Colorado instead . . . and I COULDN'T BE MORE EXCITED!

I love road trips with Steven. It reminds me why we became best friends 7 years ago. The drive is one of my favorite parts as long as Steven is in the seat next to me. Hopefully having a toddler in the back seat doesn't change this too much. We shall see.

I'll let you all know how the trip goes. We are leaving tomorrow night! HURRAH!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Paths Thus Far . . .

So far in my semi-adult life I have pursued many career paths (and thought seriously through many many more). I started as a teacher - my first love that I go back to every-so-often. Then I thought I'd pursue a less stressful career as a director's assistant. It turned out to be too tedious. Then I started a Master's program for Library and Information Sciences. I made it to one class before I decided I wasn't even an inkling passionate about that. Just recently I finished my first semester in the Master's program for School Counseling. I truly loved all of my classes and was excited that I finally found something to finish.

Here's the deal though. Oklahoma doesn't have a law right now that requires school counselors. Therefore those jobs are rare, especially right now. Knowing that it was such a narrow degree, I planned on going ahead and getting my LPC. It would take about a year and a half more of school, assuming I didn't need to work full-time. Then LPC jobs can be very stressful with a high burn out rate.

I started thinking about nursing, and how much I have loved taking care of my grandmother. I love caring for people in a concrete way. Steven and I also still have a dream of moving out of state one day. Nursing would be one of the easier relocating jobs to have. I found out that since I have a bachelor's degree already, I could get an associates RN at OCCC in 10 months.

The best part of a career in nursing is the ability to switch in to different fields semi-easily without having to go back to school. As you can see by my track record, this is pretty important to me.

I'm going to go and talk to OCCC on Monday and see what the reality is. Thank the Lord for my supportive, yet practical husband - who although he probably wants to rip his hair out with me sometimes, he listens and dialogues with me about all of my ideas.