Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Ever-Surprising Davie Lucille

It's funny how I thought as a parent I would see things that were "so me" in my child, or "so Steven" in my child, or even "so Uncle Bob" in my child. But I never imagined how "so Davie" she would be. There is so much of her that is all her own - it doesn't seem to be attached to how we are raising her, or what gene pool she dipped into, it's just Davie.

She is the most adaptable little thing. She has a great sense of what she needs and what she's ready for. I trust her in that way.

Davie has never slept in a big bed. We have always had her in a crib or pack-and-play, wanting to avoid any routine involving sleeping with us. I started wondering about moving her into a big girl bed when she showed us she could climb out of the pack-and-play at Mimi's house. I was just too worried though. I was worried she would roll off and break her arm. I was worried that she wouldn't sleep as well. I was worried that she wouldn't fall asleep as well. So I waited.

Last night she crawled out of the pack-and-play three times. I only put her back twice. The third time I watched her crawl back in on her own. Then I went back up to check on her 30 minutes later and she was fast asleep . . . not in the P&P, but on the big twin bed. She slept the whole night there, or at least I think she did. When I went in to check on her at 7:30 this morning she was playing on the floor quietly.

I was so nervous last night, and I slept nervously. But she did fine.

Everything big that has come up, has been totally her own timing. From sitting up, to rolling over, to walking, to talking, to sleeping in a big bed . . . now for potty-training.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


What is it about human kind that makes us crave sympathy? Do we describe all our troubles in detail to the strangest of strangers to make ourselves look strong? Does it really help us get through anything any better?

No clue. All I know is I want everyone to feel sorry for me right now. Haha.

It is 5:15am, and I have been up for a couple of hours now. I woke up because I was sick and in physical pain. But I think I stayed up because I couldn't stop thinking. At this point the Tylenol is starting to kick in and the heating pad has started to soothe aching muscles, but my brain is on.

I want to go to sleep.