Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Traditions You Don't Know You Started

It is no secret that my husband is more or less appalled by my eating habits. This poor man is all about the experience . . . and I am about getting food in my stomach in the quickest, cheapest way possible. He has feared since we've been married that nice restaurants on special occasions are lost on me. He has wondered how to make me feel special. I keep telling him "Bring me chocolate."

I should mention if a meal is made in this house involving more than 3 ingredients or the name "Helper" somewhere on the box, it is made by my husband. The past few months Steven has started cooking dinner for us multiple times a week. He gets the groceries, he cooks, we eat. It has been tasty and healthy.

The other day we both came home tired, and Steven actually wanted to order a pizza and watch a movie at home (which rarely happens). Davie was playing with some blocks in the living room floor, when the pizza came. I told Davie it was time to eat. I was going to fix her a plate and bring it to her in the living room so we could start the movie. But when I look for Davie, where is she? The kitchen table, in her usual seat, waiting for us. My heart swelled and broke.

I was so proud of my husband, not just for going the manual labor of cooking us a delicious meal so often when he comes home from work tired, but for making it a priority to sit down at the table together for dinner. You can't know how much Steven and I have butted heads on this issue since we were married. "What is the big deal?!" I always thought. It seemed like he had all these rules about mealtime that I didn't know. My heart broke because without Steven's input this would never be a habit Davie would start on my part. But now that she is expecting it, I wouldn't have it any other way. I realize how important it is to set aside a special time to just enjoy your family and to share something with them.

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Meredith - proud mom of THREE! said...

Totally girl! And those are the moments that you will look back on when she is grown and gone. Even though dinners around our table are anything but quiet or peaceful, we are building memories, and I LOVE IT!