Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Dark Sea of Baby Teeth

Actually, this blog has nothing to do with Davie's teeth (or lack of).  

One of the things I hate about teaching 4th grade is that the kids are always pulling their teeth out.  It is so gross.  You should know I hate dentistry more than the average person.  Anyways, I'll be teaching and at any given moment I could look out and see at least one child wiggling a tooth back and forth, back and forth.  It gives me the shivers just talking about it.  Sure enough, they'll pull it out, and walk the aisle to me like they are holding an alien - horrifying, yet they are proud that they are the one holding it.  Except I could handle an alien, I think . . . but I can't handle a bloody baby tooth.  I forgot how scary it is to be child and have your teeth falling out all the time.  How did I get through that stage of life? 

I want so badly to take tap-dancing lessons.  I can't explain it.  I took a class in college, and surprisingly wasn't terrible.  Where can I take adult tap dance classes?  And would anyone like to join me in this venture?

GABRIEL DAYNE DESHAZO IS HERE!!!  And NO WONDER he took so long to come out.  The child is HUGE!!!  All the more for Davie to love!  Congratulations to Megan and Kevin.  I promise to be a great mother-in-law to your son.  


Kathi said...

Do you remember when you ate an apple and when you were through you realized one of your teeth was missing? Apple all gone and no sign of a tooth must have swallowed it. You actually wrote the tooth fairy a letter explaining why you still deserved financial compensation. Maybe that's one reason for your nightmarish feelings about baby teeth. LOVE, Mom
BTW, I WAS alot like Jenny David.

Anonymous said...

Please take tap. And invite me to your recitals! I want to take tap when I am 80 and can take it with a class of 4 and 5 year olds. Then I will wear my tap shoes to the grocery store and tap down the Ramen noodle aisle.

PS- this post reminded me of the It's Always Sunny in Philly episode wear Charlie just keeps pulling his teeth out. Gross!!!


kathi said...

Actually, cousin Mary Sue takes tap and is 80 yrs. old. Her, 3 other ladies, and one man (all in their 70s and 80s) perform all over California. Have you seen the video she sent us of one of their shows?