Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the things we do

I do this thing with Davie in the evenings where I "scat" the same little melody.  She cracks up.  Usually she lays limp in my arms with her eyes bright and smiling and her mouth open wide.  She waits til I pause and then she laughs, then she pauses so I can continue.  We were fixing to eat and I was doing this with her, and I grabbed the camera real quick.  The problem is once she sees that camera she is mesmerized and stares blankly instead of continuing the cuteness she was doing  before.  So I tried to hide it for awhile to catch her in the act.  Please ignore my stupidity in the video and try to focus on how cute she is.

Today after school I came home, changed clothes, got Davie bundled and we went for a walk/jog in the park.  My body wondered what on Earth was going on.  Honestly, I was just briskly walking and then every once in awhile running.  Sheesh!  I'm hoping that it was harder because I was pushing a monstrous stroller, and that if I had my arms free and swinging I wouldn't feel like a ran a marathon.

In other news, JENNIE had her baby!!!!  A little baby boy named Asher.  I can't wait to meet the little tyke!  Congrats Sanders family! 


Shan said...

cutie!! !!!! Carsyn always stops her cuteness when I pull out the camera. Annoying!! But I just love those giggles!! I could eat them up!!

esteban said...

that is the cutest video ever! holy cow i love that kiddo