Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Davie's Debuts

Every large milestone that Davie has come to has been with a bang. I think she kind of has this "Just because I CAN, doesn't mean I MUST" mentality. She saves up her skills, rehearses them in her head until it's just right and then BAM - she shows the world what she's got. It's really quite dramatic of her. She did this with rolling over, crawling, standing, and now . . . WALKING!!!

Davie has been standing like a pro for a month or more now. She just stands for days. Then she'll crank out a few squats to blast her quads, and then she'll stand again. She picks up her feet and readjusts them. She sways her hips back and forth. She just has amazing balance and grace with it. Many people have commented on how steady her standing is for a baby who isn't walking yet. Well, we really haven't pushed her to walk at all. We rarely hold her hands to walk her around the room, although it has happened (how can you resist sometimes). Well, I think Davie knew that I was going out of town in a few days and she'd better show me what she's got while I'm still around.

Today I took her with me to school to drop some things off, and we were hanging out in the office with Lisa, Ashley, and Marianne. Davie was standing a pace or so away from the desk where she saw something that she really thought she'd like to have. So she just stepped out and then together and grabbed the top of the desk. Lisa hit me in the arm and gasped. We all were like, "Did she - ? Was that - ? Did she just - !?" We all squealed and were talking about what a first step should consist of. Then she saw Ashley's keychain in her purse and fell in love, so I grabbed it and stood her up, and held it out at her eye level just out of her reach. She smiled and took 4 steps, not even wobbly, and took it from me, still standing. We squealed and screamed some more. She did this a few times more, taking more steps each time.

We met Daddy at the hospital cafeteria to visit Andy and Sarah Wilkins (and 10 month old Ramey of course). Sometimes Davie would just take a few steps on her own, on her way to nowhere in particular. Other times I would start out walking with her holding my hands, then she'd let go of one hand, then the other, and walk away. CRAZY!

My dad said usually a baby takes their first step, you freak out, and then they don't do it again for 2 or more weeks. I swear Davie has been finetuning the skill in her crib at night while the world is sleeping. I love the little thing. She'll probably be running laps around her grandparents when I get back from Orlando next weekend!

I'll try to get video soon!!!


mckenziegordon said...

that's so exciting! I can't believe she's big enough to be walking...this year has gone by so fast!

David & Kathi Henson said...

Davie, even at this young age, does everything a little bit different than I would have expected. Delightful. I do expect however that she will always amaze us with her confident approach to all of life's challenges. For instance, her first step was not "a step" at all -- rather, it was her first "steps." How appropriate. I think we ought to keep her. Paw Paw Henson