Saturday, July 18, 2009

the hills are alive with the sound of harry

Yesterday was a truly delightful day. My friend Emery offered to watch Davie so I could go have a little Mother's Day Out. God bless her servant's heart! So I dropped Davie off to play with baby Myer and eventually Ezra, and I walked out the door into the humming meadows. I headed straight to Harkins Theatre and purchased one ticket for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I sat in the cool darkness blissfully alone and enjoyed the quiet before the previews. Needless to say, the movie was AMAZING. I walked out of the theatre in a haze of joy. I drove myself to Cuppies and Joe to visit some friends and purchase some "thank you" cupcakes for the Clark family. Then somehow my car found it's way in the parking lot of We Knead You, my favorite massage place on Classen. I spent the best $30 of my life getting reflexology from the nimblest old chinese lady (she crawled up on my back even)! By the time I went to pick up Davie I had been restored.

I just really needed a day to myself - to not be responsible, or considerate of another human being. I like, no, NEED alone time . . . and have not had a whole lot of that this summer.

So, thank you Emery and the Clark family for giving me some much needed Kinsey time. Davie had a wonderful time at the Clark household chasing Ezra up and down the hall, and trying to snatch out Myer's GORGEOUS eyes to keep for her own.


danielle said...

how wonderful! my husband and i had a talk about that exact subject last night! sometimes a little break is just needed!

erinkern said...

Oh man, what a nice day. I could go for a massage right about now. And some Cuppies and Joe, actually. Glad you had a day off!

Emery Jo said...

your daughter is beyond delightful. chris says he wants to "borrow" her more often... she's run off with his heart. i'm so glad you had such a relaxing day!! you deserve it!

Leslie said...

Sounds lovely! This reminds me to do this for my friends...thanks!