Monday, August 9, 2010

Bragging + Writing = Blogging

What are blogs if not venues to brag on some aspect of your self or family? In my case, at least for today, I will brag on my most immediate family - Steven and Davie and I suppose a little on myself.

Last week I went to Dallas with my lovely sisters and mother for four days. Thanks to Steven I never had to worry about my little girl. I thought about her often, oh yes I did. But I never worried about her. I knew Steven was taking excellent care of her and enjoying every minute. They were in need of a Daddy/Daughter day sans Mommy.

Davie is such an amazing kid. She'll be two this very month. She is starting her first long-term Mother's Day Out program this week. I know she is going to love it.

I've been writing a bit more - songs and stories.

It had been ages upon ages since I wrote a song. I honestly thought maybe the well had run completely dry. I sat down last week with the guitar for longer than 30 minutes for the first time in forever, and out popped a song. It's about "the curse of diplomacy" that I have. Curse, you say? Yes, it does seem to be a curse when dealing with more harsh personalities. It seems difficult to get a word in edgewise, and you just feel like you lose in that case. However, I can't make myself be crazy enough to make myself heard.

The bad thing about being a songwriter is people make assumptions about your writings. The bad thing about being married to a songwriter is people make assumptions about your involvement in the content of your spouse's writings. Honestly, this new song has little to nothing to do with my husband . . . poor guy. Anyways-

I also had the great honor of writing a song with my very own father. I have grown up listening to his lovely raspy voice singing old words and phrases that have grown so close to my heart. It was a great treasure when he got out the guitar on a rare occasion and played for us songs that he had written from years before. I started playing and writing when I was about 16 years old. Dad and I rarely discussed our common abilities. But more recently, he has started writing again . . . and I mean REALLY writing! He and my mom have been trying to finish an album for months now, but he just keeps cranking out songs! Well, one day, he encouraged me to sit down with him and our guitars. He had an idea and some music for a song and wanted my help with the lyrics. It was so neat to share ideas and work up something beautiful. I'll never forget it, ever, ever. It was a very special experience to me, and I know it was to him. I can't imagine what it would or possibly will be one day to write a song or do something that we both love with Davie Lu.

I've also been writing in book-form. I hate to say "I am writing a book", because it just sounds like something I'd say and not finish. However, I am writing a LOT in book-form. I am not going to talk about it much more than that, but it is something I am excited about.

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