Sunday, August 22, 2010

For Documentation Purposes . . .

I have to admit something. Unless you are blood-related to me, I do not read about your children. I love looking at pictures and reading snippets, but I can say that 99% of the time I do not sit and read blogs devoted to what feats your children have achieved. I don't bemoan these types of blogs, after all I have been known to devote . . . well, practically all of my posts, to my daughter. However, I do it knowing that besides her aunts and grandparents, probably no one else is reading.

Therefore I feel the need to preface this post devoted to my daughter's two years of life, with the title "For Documentation Purposes". I want to remember Davie Lucille, the two year old. If you do not wish to read about my magnificent child, I do not blame you . . . okay, I do a little bit.

Davie Lucille Charles is turning two this very Friday. As of today, I have not yet seen a mean bone in this child's body. She is almost always sweet. She is just sweet. She is stoic, yet friendly. She is a loner, independent, but in small groups she loves to dance and sing and laugh. She has a sleeper-style of learning. She is shown something and may act disinterested, then hours, days, or weeks later, does this something expertly. She is kinesthetic. She loves to move, manipulate, and build things . . . then she does it again 37 times for fun. I have seen her comfort crying children and adults either by saying "I'm sorry" for something that is not her fault or by just appearing out of nowhere to hug them. She has the most delightful spirit. It will break my heart into a thousand pieces on the day when I hear her say something ugly to someone . . . right now I feel like that is just impossible and will never happen. Even when she is upset, she is somehow still sweet.

Besides her sweet spirit, she is quirky. She is just quirky. She says, "Oh boy!" when she is trying really hard to do something. She has the longest attention span of any two year old I know, able to do the same activity for hours. She is amazing at puzzles, and all of a sudden can count to five. She is rhythmic . . . since her earliest days. I love that she laughs out of joy instead of saying yes sometimes.

This weekend we are having her second birthday party at Mimi's neighborhood clubhouse and pool. It will be a Yo Gabba Gabba part, because there are fewer things that she loves more in this world than Yo Gabba Gabba. I don't quite know what to expect out of little Davie Lu at her party. She may be a bit of a wallflower depending on how many people are there. But she has a handful of people that she truly deeply loves. She adores her family, from her own parents to her Great Uncle Bob. Her cousin Harper is her very best friend in the whole world. It warms my heart to see them play together just like sisters. Davie also loves all her "uncles" . . . her daddy has lots of friends that come and play with her often, and have really been a lifesaver when we are in need of last minute childcare.

It's funny as a parent to want to be more like your child. I have thought of qualities that I hope she inherits from her father and from me . . . but I never thought that my two year old would have certain qualities that I want to achieve. It is strange to think of her not existing two years ago. I was telling a friend who does not have children yet, that as a parent, I want to know every Davie Lucille Charles that ever has and ever will exist. I want to see her at every age. I want to remember every detail of her infancy, and yet I can't wait to see how amazing she will turn out to be as an adult.

Happy 2nd Birthday Dizz!


Leslie said...

Totally understand what you're saying about age posts being for "documentation purposes." I write monster posts for Riggs each month, but they are purely for me and my memory (largely because journaling all that by hand would take FOR-E-VER and typing is so much faster!) If I didn't blog it, I would do it at all, and that would just be a shame, right?

But for the record, I did read every word of your post today. Your Davie sounds like an extraordinary joy of a girl!!!

Kristen McCarty said...

Oh my god, I love Davie so much! I agree
with everything you are saying- and although I am the adoring aunt, I feel the same- I look forward to seeing her at every single stage, and I covet as much time with her (for both my sake and for Harper's) as we can get!

She is a beautiful, intelligent, sweet hearted child! Thank you for sharing her with us, sister!

D. Henson said...

When I think of Davie, see Davie, spend time with Davie -- I think of how softly she exists in this world. She takes up so little space. She asks for only simple things. She moves her body to a tune that only she hears and knows. She speaks few words but gets it all said regardless. She remembers everything except the hurts that may have been inflicted upon her. She might give me one kiss a day... but it is so full of all the affection she has. She exists so softly in the world, upon this world. Of this type of child, the Master spoke. "Let the little children come unto me, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."