Sunday, December 26, 2010

Why start now?

I'm not in the habit of finishing things . . . why start by finishing my Blog Exercises?! It would've been a half-hearted attempt anyway.

Davie and I both are trying to recover from Christmas and Finals and Clep Season. Davie is getting over her cold much quicker than I. Steven has somehow managed to not be phased, as far as immune systems go.

- So far in my quest for prerequisites, I have come out with all A's! WEEEEEEEEEE!
- I also CLEPed out of College Algebra and two semesters of Chemistry!! Double-WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
- This means that I can continue to pursue the PA program at OU. I have my interview January 13th.
- Davie and I have thoroughly enjoyed having Steven around so much. We had a fabulous Christmas, and loved getting to see all the family, especially Steven's brother Joe and his family, Lindy and Eli.
- My sister's little boy Max does NOT have leukemia! This was the fear for quite a few weeks.

- My man is turning 30 in January. We are taking a long trip to Las Vegas with Davie and a few friends. Hopefully the rain will hold off out there so they can do some real climbing. If not, we have to spend some unbudgeted money on gambling and shows for entertainment.
- I also will hopefully be taking a class next semester, if they ever ADMIT ME!
- I'm excited about the coming year. Steven has really hit his stride with work, and it is sure to be a tad calmer than this year, at least in the Spring. It'll be nice just to know what is coming in June.

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