Sunday, December 7, 2008

Locked in a Cabin with a 3 Month Old . . . No really . . . LOCKED.

(Preface - This weekend we went to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Arkansas with 10 friends.  We all shared a small cabin.)

On Saturday, everyone except for Davie and I hiked out to go climbing for awhile.  Steven said he would come back for lunch.  So I played with Daves, cleaned up the cabin a bit, watched movies, graded papers, and did all the things I had planned on doing.  The cabins are really like one big cabin, with a wall down the middle.  So you share a porch with your neighbors.  I had gone out on the porch to clean something, and our 30-something male neighbor was sitting on his side of the porch.  He asked if I decided not to go climbing with all the rest, and I told him I was taking care of the baby.  We exchanged niceties and I went inside.  

An hour or so later, I took Davie on a tiny walk around the cabin to get some fresh air.  He was still out in his chair, and on my way in, we again nodded hello and goodbye.  I went in the cabin into the bedroom, changed Davie's diaper and I heard a knock on the door and then it opened.  I was not alarmed by this, because climbers are friendly open-door people and such.  However, after I tried to figure out what exactly he needed, and finally he said, "I've just never really been around babies before," I knew something was amiss with this dude.  Then he started to walk into the bedroom and ask if she was asleep.  I said no and that I was just fixing to feed her outside and wait for the group to come back for lunch.  I bundled her up and led him outside.  He sat beside me on the bench and I tried to make small talk.  I quickly realized he was "not all there".  I think he was a pathological liar or something, and he kept saying the same things over and over again.  The creepiest thing was how obsessed he was with Davie.  I wanted to run away, but there was nowhere for me to go really, not with a baby.  So I just decided I'd have to kill him with my own two hands if he tried to take her from me.  He called us both (the 3 month old baby and myself) "hotties".  Weird.  He talked about his wife alot, but then he also said if he weren't married he'd just say, "Hey honey.  Forget about the baby."  Meaning what exactly?!?!  I was horribly uncomfortable and scared and felt helpless.  Oh yeah, he also asked if he could use my bathroom.  Our doors are 3 feet from each other!  When he went in, I thought about making a break for it, but I was carrying a baby, with no car seat, no keys, no place to go. 

Finally after Davie was cozy and asleep, and I was thoroughly frozen down to the bone, I said, "Well, they tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps, so I better go take a nap until the group comes back."  We both got up and he opened the door for me, I walked inside and turned to grab the doorknob, and he was on his way in . . . TO MY CABIN.  I reached for the door, and said "I'll be back out in a little while," and shut the door.  I locked it and closed all the curtains, then I went in the bedroom and locked that door.  Then I burst into tears and called every person that was with Steven.  Finally he called back and I told him he needed to come back now cause the neighbor was creeping me out.  Actually as I was talking to Steven on the phone, the guy tried to open the door again!  

Steven ran the whole hike back, and I was there waiting by the window to know when to unlock the door.  I guess creepy guy went back in his cabin.  So Steven came in and I was telling him the story when creepy guy once again tried to open our door, so Steven bust it open and said, "Can I help you?!"  The guy muttered something about a dog being out there and that it woke him up.  Anyways, the guy left for good a few hours later, but I was not alone until I was sure of that.  

The weird thing is I would not have been scared if just one other person would've been with me.  We probably would've laughed about it.  Or even if I was completely by myself.  I could've run away if I needed to.  But I had this bitty baby with me to protect.  Frightening.  I don't wish the experience on anyone.  


Meredith - proud mama of two said...

holy crap! you are giving me the heebie jeebies. I would have been that girl in all the COPS episodes, hiding under the bed in a locked room, crying with my three month old baby.

whitneyfinke said...

That has to be the craziest story I've ever heard! I would have freaked out. I'm glad you guys are ok, and that Steven came to the rescue.

Leslie said...

YIKES!!! Sounds like you handled it well, but sheesh! That is scary stuff. I'm sure Steven was freaking out too...sounds like he got a good work-out out of the deal ;)

becca said...

That is EXTREMELY creepy! I'm so sorry that you were there by yourself but I'm glad nothing worse than creepiness happened.

Anonymous said...

KINSEYYYYY!!!!!! Okay, it's time to start packing heat.

I want to kick that man in the neck.


Shan said...

KINSEY!! Creeeeeeepy!! He was out to get you for sure! I am so glad you locked the door!! MY GOSH!!