Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Your Christmas with baby?

So, those of you with little ones . . . what are you doing for Christmas?  Steven and I kind of thought we'd play it cool since Davie is only 4 months old.  Plus, I think family members are getting her things of course.  I did get her some stocking stuffers - but really every gift for her is really for us, because it entertains her.  Oh well.

She is a little under the weather it seems.  She has the whiniest little cry, but she still tries to be chipper.  Poor lil gal.  Imagine if you were in a foreign land where no one spoke your language, or knew what your gestures meant, and you didn't feel good, or you were hungry, or tired, or you pooped your pants . . . you'd feel so frustrated!


To those of you who are expecting, just imagine, next year at this time you'll have a lil 10-12 month old!


Shan said...

she's so sweet! Merry Christmas to you guys. Side Note- I didn't buy Carsyn anything... like she cares and like her grandparents didn't buy her the WORLD. ha

Meredith - proud mama of two said...

Yeah, we didnt buy Peyton anything. We didnt buy Ellie kate anything last year either (she was 10 months). I say, enjoy these last few times you can save your money. I am sure you will make up for it in the pre-teen years!