Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My First Attempt at Video

Davie talks and sings often, but she laughs all the time.  We tried to catch some of it on video.  This is her enjoying the sights and sounds of momma singing and using the "ooo" sound.


Shan said...

she is sooo busy with those hands!! Carsyn does the same thing! so fun! It's crazy how just a few weeks makes such a huge difference! We need to see you guys over Christmas please!

becca said...

cutest baby ever. ever ever.

Oh and dustin and I watched this video and thought Steven pushed your face out of the way at one point. So then we/I thought he was a jerk for .1 second. But maybe he was just pushing your hair out of the way which is sweet. So. Thats the story from the Raglands.
We love Davie. :) And you've got vid skillz.

Kinsey said...

Haha. It does look like he is sneaking his hand up towards me and then he THROWS my head out of the way. But in all actuality, he was just pushing my hair back. Hahaha.