Monday, August 24, 2009


"Oy" would some up my day today.

I can do the long hours. I can do teaching 5th graders. I could teach any subject and be okay. What I am not so sure I can do is manage 45 5th graders by myself in one room . . . and get anything done. Even the best kids are rambunctious in a set of 45. FORTY-FREAKING-FIVE!!! That is almost double what I had last year. No wonder my blood pressure was through the roof today.

In five years of first school days as a teacher, today was the worst. But I only NEARLY cried. I did all the right things. I was firm and consistent. They were still rowdy - or maybe they weren't . . . because when 45 kids are even whispering, it sounds like a roar.

After questioning why did I give up my cushy public school teaching job for this, I still know the answer . . . for now (::weak laughter::). I still have confidence that I CAN, in fact, do this. I can keep my cool and be okay. I can call every single parent everyday if I have to. I can.

Here is tomorrow's plan - be a raging hag. Haha, kind of. They walk in - neverending, like painted faces out of a clown car - I lay down the law, and the first person that breaks the law gets the consequence. Hopefully, a few examples will motivate the rest to be in control. And if not, then hopefully a ton of examples will motivate the rest to be in control. What breaks my heart is, I know I'm going to have a ton of examples before they start changing their habits (like blurting out things without waiting to be called on . . . sounds like no biggie, but once again FORTY-FIVE!). I'll keep you updated. You keep me in your prayers!


Amanda Aragon said...

Kinsey, I have 22 kindergarteners and right now I feel the same way. I will be thinking of you tomorrow when I am NEARLY crying. I keep reminding myself it will improve, it will improve!

erinkern said...

Oh man, that is a lot of kiddos in one room. My biggest class this year is 30. 22 of those are boys. 12 of those boys have to weigh over 250 pounds. Mutiny could happen at any moment! ;)

Good luck. Stay strong. Unleash the inner hag! ;)