Saturday, August 1, 2009

the sadness sets in

Tomorrow morning I leave for Orlando for 5 days. I have known this was coming for awhile now. But this morning it really set in . . . and I am sad. VERY sad. Cry when I think about it sad. I think it makes it worse that Davie has a cold all of a sudden.

Yesterday she wasn't quite herself and her nose was just running like a faucet. During the night she would wake up, but since she couldn't breathe well through her nose, the pacifier wasn't a good option (and it's usually the only option)! As I rocked her last night, I was sad that I would miss opportunities to soothe and comfort her in the coming week.

This morning we ran a few errands and the poor dear kept falling asleep in the car right before I'd have to get her out. As I carried her across the WalMart parking lot, I started crying just thinking about being away from her for so long! I expected to miss her. I expected to ache to hold her. I didn't expect to not be in control of my tears. I hope I'm not a big bag of waterworks all week. Lisa may be putting in a request for a new roommate.

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Shan said...

oh gosh, i am going to San Diego for a week next week to shoot a wedding. M mom and sister are staying with C and I know I am going to be a blubbering mess.