Monday, November 23, 2009

"How do you feel about Sharon Osbourne, Stevie?"

So, I DID get my hair cut short. Jenna did such a wonderful job. I left feeling sassy and chic. Everyone loved it, including Steven. Then I went and did something I've been known to do . . . I dyed it.

I dyed it a dark cherry brown. The color is very beautiful, and I loved it when my hair was longer. But there was something off about it. I loved the color, I even though it was flattering with my skin and eyes, but something was definitely off.

This morning I figured it out. I look like Sharon Osbourne! You see I have VERY thick hair. When it is cut short, it looks even thicker. When it is cut short and dark, it looks RIDICULOUS! It kind of looks like a hair piece or a helmet or something. It is so sad to me, because it was DARLING before. Why did I do this to myself?!

Tomorrow's goal is to successfully strip the color off my hair and dye it back blonde. Good thing it is already short . . . that way if it falls out, it won't be as drastic to me.

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erinkern said...

Before and after pics please. ;)