Thursday, November 5, 2009

Success!! Sort of . . .

I'm really afraid for the whole speaking too soon thing to happen, but I have to share our break through!

As some of you know, my mommy mind has been occupied for a few months now with getting this child to drink out of anything other than a bottle. It took forever for her to not get angry when she even saw a sippy cup. But now that she is 14 months and knows how to get liquid out of one, I figured we should start getting less dependent on bottles. I researched hours and hours online and in books and with mommy friends on how they did it. I thought gradual sounded good, but I didn't think Davie would go for it. I thought cold turkey sounded miserable for a few days, but at least it would be done with. So after talking to Steven about it, I decided in a week or two we'd do cold turkey - but there's just too many things going on right now to try it.

Last night was one of my nights to sleep with my grandmother. Steven was going out of town this morning, so I took Davie with me. She sleeps in a pack and play in the closet and usually does well enough. My nephew Max was there too, and my mom gave him a sippy cup of hot milk before bed. Davie saw him drinking it and wanted it BAD!!! So we quickly grabbed an identical one and put some warm formula in and gave it to her. She loved it. WHAT?! No kicking, screaming, crying . . . like I had experienced any time I even showed her a cup when she was hungry. She went to sleep last night a little late, but not fussing. I was worried about what would happen in the middle of the night if she woke up wanting a bottle. But I figured if she could give up her last bottle of the evening without a fight, then she can do this. So she woke up a couple of times, the last of which she would NOT go back to sleep. For an hour and a half I offered her the sippy cup. Rejected. I also offered her a bottle (with the nipple hole stretched bigger) full of very watered down formula. She didn't want it either. Finally, I let her cry HARD for about 4 minutes, and then she was out til morning.

So for now, we have been bottle-free for about 22 hours. By the way, if you were wondering, the cup that won her over is some Playskool brand with a hard spout and a flip top spout cover that she likes to play with. She also likes anything with a straw.

Although I didn't get much sleep last night between her and my grandmother, I feel like it was worth it to keep that going.

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