Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Rebellion Against Feminism?

I've heard women complain about their husbands input on how their hair should look or what clothes they should wear. I must be strange - because I so badly want to know Steven's opinion on these things. I ask him so many times what length does he like my hair the best. He always answers, "I like your hair however you wear it." What do I do with that! "No, what is your FAVORITE way?" I demand. "I like it how it is now." So the other night I told him I was going to get hair extensions (knowing he'd hate the idea). He finally revealed that he didn't really like my hair long. He liked it short. FINALLY!!! And here I was keeping my hair long and annoying because I thought men (my husband) liked long hair. I'm going to get my hair cut within the next week and I'm so excited to do something that makes me feel pretty and special for my husband.

Now if we could just agree on clothing.

Steven often tells me what he doesn't like in the clothing department. I like that he is opinionated, although I don't let on. If he only knew that I would let him do ALL of my clothes shopping . . . but I'd be afraid he'd buy only climbing gear, haha. He has excellent taste and he knows me well. I'm lucky to have him.

So, although I think those women have a right to choose their own hair cut or color or whatever, I am glad to know what my husband's opinion is . . . and I'm glad that his opinion isn't a bad one.


Leslie said...

I am the same way and always ask Jonathan's opinion before going to get my hair cut! So great to see you on Friday!

erinkern said...

Ha ha, I understand your situation! It is nice to know how to look good for your hubby....that is IF he will actually tell you his opinion! Mine seems to love everything 'how it is right now'...what??? ;)