Friday, December 11, 2009

Vegan? That doesn't sound like me.

I need you to know something. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ellen Degeneres. I found out that Ellen is a vegan. I always thought vegans were ridiculous - either dirty hippies or people that must not have tastebuds anyways. I mean, what is left to eat?! But after I heard Ellen talking about it, I started researching it . . . and if it is even possible, it sounds like a magnificent way to live. Healthy for you, healthy for the earth.

I am skinny, always have been - but I am NOT healthy. I eat empty calories all day everyday. Whatever is the most convenient, that is what I devour. I don't want to be this way, but I don't have much self-control to carry out a new lifestyle. So I looked and looked and looked around online through vegan forums, vegan cookbooks, vegan articles, etc . . . and I bought a book called "Vegan in 30 Days" by Sarah Taylor.

As I read it, I'm going to document what I'm learning online and the things I'm attempting to do or "give up". An experiment of sorts! I do love experiments!

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Leslie said...

Wow! Meat eater to full vegan in 30 days!?! That is quite the change. Anxious to see how it goes!