Thursday, December 17, 2009

Who needs a first word, when you could have a first phrase . . . or two?!

Davie consistently says what we know to be "Here you go" when she is giving you something, and "Thank you" when you are giving her something. It sounds just a tad more muddled than that, usually leaving out most of the consanant sounds and rolling her tongue around way too much. But that is definitely what she is saying. She does it all the time. The other night my dad and I just took turns handing her envelopes, and letting her hand them back to us, and we squealed with delight at this new development.

Here's my analysis of this random "first". Davie KNOWS so many words and phrases that we say. Yet she has zero interest in saying or repeating these things. She CAN say "mama" and "dada" and other little things, but she doesn't often, and never about her actual mama and dada. We already know that she is incredibly rhythmic and loves music. I think she is using these first phrases because we so consistently say these things to her, and we say them in a very specific way. A little sing song tone and rhythm. I think that interested her and she picked up on that very quickly. Maybe some day soon other things will interest her besides music, otherwise we'll just have to start singing EVERYTHING . . .which I am probably okay with. She fascinates me.

In other news, I have not been doing my little experiment the past couple of days. I just . . . can't . . . yet. I still really want to do the whole 30 days in order, but I'm just not in any kind of routine right now, and I just can't make myself do it.

My husband is embarassed for me - and should be. I tried to defend myself by pointing out all the things I have successfully stuck with: college, career in education, MARRIAGE. But when if it's not a big deal, I do have a hard time completing things. I need to make an appointment to see a psychologist . . . but then again, I probably wouldn't go.

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