Wednesday, March 10, 2010

20 months and we're finally hearing some thoughts . . .

Davie is talking up a storm. I think it is really a mixture of our ears being trained to her voice, and her voice training itself to sound more like ours. I also think the biggest difference that I noticed over the weekend is that she actually wants to repeat and answer us. She says some basics and then some. I wanted to list a few of my faves though.

"Mama" - I've been waiting a long time for this. I seriously just heard this for myself last week. Steven swore she said it one morning when I wasn't home, but he might've been just trying to keep my hopes afloat since she says "dada" like it's going out of style. But oh my, when she says "mama" and she really means "mama" . . . there are no words.

"DAAAAA-DAA?" - It is so adorable to hear Davie yell inquisitively for Steven. She does it all the time. Whether he's in the other room, or at work, or on the phone - heartmelting.

"Day-doo." - This means "thank you" and I will argue that it was her first meaningful words. Now I chalk that up to good parenting, eh?!

"Thkow!" - This means "Scout" . . . I hear this anytime we are outside. She thinks Scout should be there.

"Oh Boy!" - It is as clear as a bell. You have never heard anything cuter. Her teeny tiny voice perks up when she sees something interesting. She said it probably 15 times today, maybe more.

Wow. When it rains it pours - in a great way. It feels like certain parts of their development creep along, and then over the course of a month or two (or sometimes a weekend), they blossom!


danielle said...

i love this post. it is amazing how it seems like they are never going to get it, and then they just surprise with all it at one time. i cant wait to see mama and it mean me.. you guys are doing a GREAT job!

mckenziegordon said...

oh that sweet girl! I can't wait to hear those little words. Make a video or something! She's getting so big.