Monday, March 8, 2010


I have to apologize for faking you out with the title here. Mainly I haven't written because I've had no "big news" among everyone else's "big news". I have loved reading about pregnancies and babies and new jobs and on and on. For now, I'm not really experiencing any giant changes . . . for once in my life. It's kind of nice. I think the nice part is not always looking for what's next. I am satisfied with our little life right now.

Steven has a job that he works really hard at . . . but they show him the appreciation he deserves, which is what I always wanted for him in his career. He really enjoys it, although he could do with less hours - but that is a problem we can deal with for now in a time where so many people are looking for work. He also is working a lot of weekends out in the wilderness. We have tried out a few different options for spending time together, but it's been rough.

Davie is indescribable. She is, as always, delightful and hilarious and learning every day. She loves talking about her daddy when he is away, and laughing at him when he is here. It is funny to see her little personality developing. She loves everyone she has ever met (much like her momma), and she gets so involved in her "tasks" that she can't even hear people talking to her (much like her daddy). She does look so much like me, but when she is busy working on something, she looks just like Steven.

I am beyond grateful for what life looks for us right now. I was able to take 9 hours this semester, and I adore all my classes. I am spending more time than ever working with my grandma. She and Davie get a long splendidly, and I am so thankful for all the conversations I've gotten to have with her in the last 6 months that I've been able to work there. We have re-arranged the schedule quite a few times now to try to accommodate for some quality family time with Steven. I think we've finally figured it out. Davie and I are going to suck it up and go out with Steven on the weekends as much as possible. This should be interesting, but part of me is really excited. I hope the weather holds good things for us.

So, no - I am not pregnant. I didn't get a new house. I didn't get a new car. I'm not looking at doing any of those things in the near future. But I am content. We are making things work for us. I am happy, and that is the best kind of news.

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Timilyn said...

I love I just NOW found this blog of yours and "heard" a few wprds from my dear friend Kinsey's mouth...I laughed...out my classroom. I'm not doing facebook anymore, so I'm transitioning into blogging. I'm glad I found you! P.S. my blog is The Timilyn and Talya Show