Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is this typical?

Last night was like one of those nights you watch on a movie, read about, or hear other people tell stories about - a stereotypical night in the house of a newborn.  Yikes.

Davie was NOT happy with us.  Neither Steven nor I had seen her like this.  We were a little freaked out.  Finally after an hour or so, she tolerated me walk/bouncing around the house.  I managed to change her diaper somehow.  She seemed somewhat calm, and so I put her to bed.  After she woke up 3 more times, I decided to move this party to the living room.  I put her in her swing and rested my eyes on the couch.  By 3am, I had slept maybe 2 hours (very unrestful sleep), so I thought it was Steven's turn.  Thankfully, she did better after that for Steven, and I got to sleep for 3 or 4 hours until it was my turn again.  

It was rough.  I feel bad for the people that have these nights every evening.  How do they do it?

I did have an epiphany though.  Even though I drastically reduced my caffeine-intake, I still have a Dr. Pepper every once in awhile.  I think I see a pattern if I'm remembering correctly.  Each time I pump after I have a Dr. Pepper . . . Davie seems a little fussier than usual after she eats.  

So - no more Dr. Pepper for us.

I should go take a nap now.

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Amanda A. said...

TJ and I just had this conversation because I am drinking way less Diet DP than I had been. I was getting worried because the baby wasn't moving as much. We think its the caffeine she was receieving from my body. Scary.