Sunday, November 9, 2008


Any tips on how to help my 10 week old love bathtime?!

She hates it.  Therefore we put it off at all costs.  Should I just make it a nightly ritual and hope that she learns to get used to it.  

We stopped using the infant tub, and started putting a folded towel in the big tub and putting enough warm water in to cover her without getting in her ears.  She hates being cold.  So the infant tub did not work for us, because it didn't keep her down in the water.  She grew too big for the sink.  Anyways, I really want bathtime to be this fun thing, but maybe she's too young.

When do kids start having fun in the bath?


Emery Jo said...

hmmm.. im trying to remember what I did when ezra was that little. I seem to remember ditching all the "baby bath" contraptions and just climbing in the tub with him- laying him on my legs with the water high enough to where he could just barley float. I could hold him and wash him and play with him all at once. He liked it.

abby coyle photography said...

beautiful pic Kins! Just wanted to drop by & say hello!:)

Angela said...

This probably won't help at all - but we put the infant tub on the sink in the bathroom, parallel to the mirror (I don't know your layout, so I don't know if it's possible). She used to HATE bathtime until we started doing this, but now she is just so fascinated by the baby in the mirror, she doesn't have time to think about what's going on with the water.

Anonymous said...

I made it a nightly ritual. Our daughter hated it at first but has become used to it. (She is 5 months). She even enjoys it as long as we keep it short and sweet! Good luck! Things seem to get a little easier at 3 months!