Friday, November 14, 2008

Some New Things

1.) Davie's new BFF was born this week.  Peyton Ann Grubbs was born to some good friends of ours.  I'm sure Pey-Pey and Day-Day are going to get along just fine.

2.) Jennie's baby shower is tomorrow and I'm SO excited.  I love that woman, and I'm so glad she is reproducing.  

3.) Davie went 11 hours between feedings last night . . . she didn't sleep the entire time however, but it is a grand step!  It's good to know she can do that and doesn't need food every time she fusses in the night.  (Babywise . . . I'm telling ya, Babywise).

4.) We are on a roll with bath time.  She is still not giggling and happy during, but she tolerates it without crying.  She just furrows up her brow and looks at me.

5.) DAVIE HAS CURLY HAIR!  We just discovered that THIS week.  She's always had a lot of hair with a lot of body.  And it just kept getting puffier and puffier, like hair plugs standing up off of her head.  Well, my very-curly-headed sister and I were giving her a bath this week, and as I was drying her off, before I rubbed her little head dry, I pulled back the towel and she had all these little curls all over her head.  So we just patted it dry, and it stayed that way . . . until she rubbed her head all over everything and puffed it up again.  Ah well, one day.  

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esteban said...

Day-day and pay-pay? sick.