Saturday, November 1, 2008


Last night Davie Lucille Charles slept 8 hours.  It was delightful.  We had been trying to do the "dreamfeed" thing.  If you don't know, "dreamfeed" is the idea that you wake the baby up before you go to bed to try and get them to sleep a longer stretch.  For instance, we feed her at 8pm and put her down . . . and then get her up at 11pm to feed her and put her right back down, trying not to really even wake her up.  Well, the girl would still wake up at 2am and then again at 5am and then again at 8am, so what's the use?!  So one night Steven forgot to set his alarm for 11pm, and she still woke up at 2am.  Well, if she's going to wake up at 2 anyways, then we're not going to get her up at 11.  So just recently we dropped the dreamfeed thing.  The night before last she lasted 7 hours.  Then last night I fed her at 8pm, and she was asleep by 8:30pm.  I went to bed around 9 or 9:30, she cried once for exactly 1 second around 1am, and I thought, "Here we go."  I got up and walked into the other room and she was fast asleep.  So I went back to bed thinking she'll really wake up any minute.  But the next time she cried was 4:30am!!!  I couldn't believe it.  So I fed her and wondered if she'd be awake for good (she's an early riser), but she went back to sleep so easy, and then woke up right on time at 7:30 to eat again.  I'm so proud and can only hope that this is not a one night event.  

Also, for those wondering, we are using Dr. Brown's bottles.  They are BPA free and have this little vacuum thing to keep extra air out of the nipple.  We only have one and we use it nearly everytime.  Steven and I were talking about how many bottles we do NOT use.  We really use maybe 3 in rotation, but usually 1 or 2.  But then again we don't have a dishwasher, so we keep 'em washed by hand pretty quick.  


mgoff said...

We also recently switched to Dr. Browns BPA free bottles and LOVE them! Daisy does such a good job with them!

Chara said...

Jonah used to sleep through the night (8 glorious hours) but life circumstances changed and he started sleeping in our room. Sometimes he'd make little noises at night and in my stupor I would pick him up to feed him and wake him up.

Moral: make sure they're really awake.