Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Past Two Weeks

So much has happened since I last posted.  Davie is crawling like the wind.  My favorite is when she gets one foot on the ground and the other knee, and kind of caveman's her way around.  She is officially into everything.  So today I went and bought a couple of new outlet covers - the ones where when you take the cord out, a little thing slides over the opening.  Oh yeah, she can totally pull things out of the outlet now.  Yikes.  I also got a couple of cabinet locks.  She is getting more and more personality everyday, and along with it, she's getting more vocal.  The good news is she is rarely bored.  The bad news is she's starting to get picky.  

We took her to her 9 month check up yesterday.  She's doing great, although the only thing that seems to be growing very quickly is her little noggin.  I have no idea how to get her to drink (instead of the current chewing) from a sippy cup.  We have every brand of sippy cup known to man!  Any tips?

Anyways, she's pulling up on everything.  She loves it.  She also likes to crawl into tiny, thin spaces and then freak out when she gets stuck.  But she ALWAYS takes the narrow road!  A sign of things to come perhaps?!  Who knows.  

We went to Babies'R'Us today to get some baby safe things.  I have a habit (that will soon need breaking) of picking up toys and giving them to Davie to see what she does.  If she goes for the packaging instead of the toy (which she always does) then I know it's not necessary.  Well today I saw this adorable Lamaze brand toy (I LOVE LAMAZE TOYS!).  A big octopus with legs that you can squeeze and they have some kind of little inflatable wind instrumenty noise, all making a different tone.  She BEAMED!  She just stared at it and then at me and then at it and then at me, smiling all the while.  She grabbed it up tight, and so I had to get it.  It is her new bud.  

Here's some pics.


William, Megan and Avery said...

Avery has the same octopus!! I love it (and for some reason, ours smells like cake... or vanilla...).

As for the sippy, we got lucky. Avery took to the Nuby soft sippy really well. It took her a while of just letting her chew/play with it. Try giving it to her when she's hungry with milk in it a few times. She'll get the hang of it :)

Melinda said...

I started Gracie off with sippy cups with the valve taken out that way she realized what they were for and they weren't just chew toys. I only gave them to her when she was in her highchair until I weaned her at a year old so it didn't matter if she made a mess and I only did water in her sippy until she turned 1. I'm just not a fan of giving them juice, but that's just a personal thing. We have the octopus too-it was a hand me down from a cousin, my musical husband thinks it's fun to play songs on it. How exciting that she is crawling now, it is definitely a whole new world-she will be keeping you on your toes!