Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Breath of Fresh Air

I don't know how many people can say their 14 month old refreshes them - but I can. She is always surprising me. She is always doing the perfect thing for the situation, and it is usually the least expected thing.

Yesterday my sister had a hard day and with tear-filled eyes she was telling us of her struggles. Davie was standi
ng between us on a bench. She walked over and leaned her golden head on my sister's shoulder. She just pressed into her for quite a few seconds. All the adults looked around each other with sweet shock. Many times that night, she would go and stand by my sister's feet and lay her little head on her leg and pat pat pat her.

Tonight I came home from a long shift working with my grandmother. I had left the house in a mess and so I had lots to catch up on. I had been playing with Davie and we were listening to music as I was doing the dishes. Davie got really upset, REALLY upset. She kept walking around me making the most stressful noise in the world. She wasn't pointing at anything, but I was still getting frustrated thinking she just wanted a little snack and she was being "impatient". I thought, "I'm going to stop doing these dishes, dry my hands, walk in the other room to get her a cookie, and she'll be just fine." So I started to do this and when I picked her up, she started dancing. That's all she had wanted. It was a good song, and she wanted me to dance with her. I grinned from ear to ear, and we waltzed all about the kitchen. It was refreshing. She was saying, "Just take a break, ma. Let's dance for a little bit."

She also does really hilarious things. Like pop a squat on my sister's face when she's laying in the floor.


danielle said...

i love those sweet stories!!

Thompson Family said...

haha! i love that she popped a squat on your sis!