Monday, October 19, 2009

More teeth!

Davie currently has 11 teeth . . . maybe 12. She's getting some way in the back. That should account for some of her sleeplessness lately - but definitely not for that outrageous fever. Thank goodness she is over that mess.

Davie has learned to kiss. She lifts her head way up until her neck gets pencil thin, sucks her lips way in her mouth and then smacks them at you. Sometimes she will lean in to actually put her lips on your face, but not always.

I think Davie knows what all kinds of words mean . . . except for Mama. Wouldn't you know it?! The person she spends nearly 24/7 with, and she doesn't know my name! Maddening. I'll say, "Where's Scout?" and she points right to Scout (our dog). "Where's Daddy?" and she looks over and smiles at her dad. "Where's Mama?" nothing. She continues to do whatever she was doing before. It may be because she doesn't hear my name said, because much of the time it's just she and I. Ah well. She'll know it soon enough.

My grandmother is in the hospital with a broken hip. She was doing a little better today, more alert, eating some soft foods after surgery. My mother is having surgery on her gall bladder this Friday. I'm praying for a speedy nausea-free recovery for her also. Lots of things going on right now during this sick season. Everybody try to stay healthy out there!

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