Sunday, October 25, 2009


What is it I can't take, you ask? THE DOG HAIR!!! MY HOUSE IS MADE OF DOG HAIR!!!

I have dealt with the black hair that Scout leaves behind for 4.5 years now. Every house we've lived in, it's the same story. No matter how many times I sweep, vacuum, change the air filters - it seems to make no difference. I even put up with my child wading through it on hands and knees coating her clothes to where it looked like she wore a black angora onesie at all times. Disgusting.

Recently, we've been talking about improving our little abode. Maybe some new windows, some exterior paint, working on the curb appeal. In a couple of years, we'd like to move somewhere a little more dream-homey. But in that new home, my dream does not consist of layer upon layer of black dog hair all over everything. I told Steven that in the next house we move to Scout will have to be an outside dog. He said she's already conditioned to be an inside dog and she's too old to change that now. I disagree wholeheartedly.

I want to make a few changes now. I want to install a doggy door into the garage, and add a few more dog beds to our lives (in the garage, outside, and in the house). When we do have Scout in the house, I want her to stay on the dog bed - not on the couch, and NOT on our bed!!! She can sleep in the house at night, but during the day and when we are out of the house, she needs to be outside or in the garage (barring there is no bad weather).

I'm a housewife at the end of my rope right now. "This is why we can't have nice things!" Haha.

Anyways, what is your pet situation at home?


mckenziegordon said...

I can totally understand. Thatcher doesn't shed but the dirt and grass that gets tracked in makes me crazy. I can't imagine adding massive amounts of hair into the mix: PS" Miss you! What are you doing with your life these days?

erinkern said...

A few weeks ago after Russell had just vacuumed the rugs in our house, our biggest dog, Milly, who is covered with fluffy, black hair proceeded to shed tufts all about. The next thing I know, Russell is out on the back patio shaving her off. I mean, all gone. Skin showing. I think Milly went through an identity crisis over the next few weeks, but now that the shedding has stopped, we shall keep her shaved. Might look a little weird, but the hair is GONE!!

Leslie said...

I feel your pain! Weber sheds too, but unlike Milly Kern she already has very short hair, which adds the unforseen problem of tiny, stiff hairs getting stuck IN fabric like little splinters. Makes me nuts. I thought having hardwood floors would make hair less of a problem but it really doesn't! And don't even get me started on muddy paw prints!

megan said...

Andy's white fluff gathers in little balls creating mini furball tumbleweeds. It looks really good against our dark wood floors.

I cringe every time Gabe drops one of his snacks or teething toys on the floor. It's sad that I feel like my own floor is too dirty for my child. stupid dog.