Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mom! Where's my JanSport?!?

I had my first day of grad school yesterday. I found a parking spot, had all my books, and found both classes fairly easily. UCO is a lot bigger and more crowded than OBU, but not near as big and scary as OU . . . so it's a good compromise for my Master's I think.

I am taking 9 hours this semester. I think my classes are going to be extremely interesting. They all have to do with three fascinating things - counseling/psychology, children, and schools. I am definitely one of the young ones in my classes, but no one seems judgemental about things like that so far.

I feel more than a tad like a slob. All of the students are coming straight from their teaching jobs or wherever they work full-time. They have their triple coat of mascara, knee-high boots, fancy blazers, and such. I waltzed in with one of Steven's fleece pullovers with just a few little baby handprints of oatmeal, Levi's, and Converse tennis shoes. One day, one fine day I will have compelling motivation to dress like an adult again . . . but that day is not today.

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