Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pause button?!

I'm sick. I need a pause button for each individual project that I have undertaken . . . some are easier than others. Like it is TOTALLY easy to pause the new workout routine I started a couple of weeks ago. No problem. Un-pausing may be a little more difficult. However, it's not so easy to pause grad school. I have my first grad school test coming up on Thursday. Have I studied? No. I would also like a pause button on motherhood. Right now I don't exactly have childcare lined out for a sudden day off.

My throat has hurt for a few days now, but the night before last when I was staying with my grandma I was up all night vomiting, going back and forth between chills and fever, and only sleeping in 15 minute increments. Misery. Last night though I slept GREAT! Steven came in around midnight and woke me up saying I was soaking wet and hot. I guess my fever was breaking. This morning my throat feels like it has a 1 mm opening, but hopefully the fever and stomach stuff is behind me. I got stuff to do!

DAVIE UPDATE: She is dainty and soft all the time . . . except when she really laughs. Then it's like a teeny tiny Julia Roberts hee-hawing all over the place. She does this new thing that my sister affectionately calls her "troll teeth". While she is laughing, she keeps her mouth open, scrunches her nose, and gnashes her teeth together. Hard to explain, but I'll try to catch it on video sometime soon if I ever clear out my camera again.

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