Sunday, February 14, 2010


Having a child makes you long for traditions with them, something special, something that she will look forward to every year. This Valentine's Day is Davie's first one as a little girl, not a teeny tiny infant. I know she will not remember this specific day, but we will. I've been thinking about it and I decided as Davie's mom, I wanted to get her a thoughtful gift to let her know how special she is (and to teach her how to receive gifts gracefully). Also as her mom, I wanted Davie to have a special date with her dad for Valentine's Day. He will teach her what to expect from any fellow who wishes to take her on an outing. If I know Steven there will be many non-Valentine's dates like this, but this will be something very specific for her to look forward to each year. An added bonus (and one I definitely calculated into the mix) is while they are out on the town I will be enjoying some much needed ME time.

I'm not a fan of "exlusivisity" among mothers, but I will say this - I just don't think you can really appreciate personal time until you have a dependent.

Steven has been working so extremely hard and so extremely much lately. I am so proud of him for making the most of this opportunity, but we sure miss him being around. Davie has become a bit of a momma's girl from the amount of time we spend together. But tonight, Steven came and got Davie from my grandma's house and he took her home with him. He just called me and said he had the sweetest time as a father that he thinks he's had so far. Something as simple as Davie just sitting with him in the big chair for 30 minutes, hugging and cuddling on him until she finally fell asleep in his arms . . . I thought she was incapable of falling asleep with another human being in the room. It proves the comfort she feels when she's with her daddy.

I love being a part of Steven's team. That's what it's all about after all.

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