Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We call this "Baby Fan-Worship" . . . you'll see.  Babies LOVE ceiling fixtures.
I love this picture of her.  Haha.
She's singing already!


becca! said...

Ahhh! These are adorable!

Angela said...

Haha, my daughter is the SAME way with ceiling fans - and lights. She would rather look at those than anyone or anything else any day!

Anonymous said...

My niece is so beautiful!! I can't wait to teach her another vowel!

She looks so much like you, Popeye!

Auntie Kristen

Kevin and Megan said...

i love these pictures. and your hair! so pretty.

what kind of bottles are you using for Davie? I registered for Avent BPA free - but then I read the reviews on it and they're all bad saying that they do nothing but leak, so now I can't decide which ones to switch to.