Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is this a sign?!

Okay, so since August 2009 I have taken a "break" from teaching to help take care of my grandmother. It has been a blessing for me (and I very rarely use that word) to get to spend so much time with Mimi and to be able to have Davie around. During that time, I had started to pursue my Master's degree in School Counseling at UCO. I finished one semester of wonderfully interesting classes, when I started to worry about the future in that career. I had really been enjoying giving my grandmother direct care, and decided I would like to pursue a nursing career.

So in the summer of 2010 I started packing on the science prerequisites. Idle Kinsey is a scary thing. I am utterly utterly useless unless I have deadlines and busyness all around. This past semester I haven't taken any classes. I am just waiting to hear if I was accepted to the program at OCCC that will start in June.

My grandmother seems to be entering the last stages of her long life. Her blood pressure has been EXTREMELY high consistently for weeks now. We are preparing ourselves emotionally for this, and also financially. She has been my "career" for the past year and a half. And now that is coming to an end . . .

Now, I should tell you that I have often found myself talking fondly about my classroom days over the past year and a half. It's not something I want to give up completely, although I was glad for the much-needed break. Yet I was excited about a future nursing career. I know it's something I will be good at and something I will enjoy. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

Snap to the present! I've heard that this year OCCC accepted all applicants with a 3.0 and up. I would be in that category. I've also heard that many of these accepted applicants got their certified acceptance letters on Saturday. However, 3 mail days later, no letter in my box. Hmmmm. If I am not accepted, it could only mean that one of my classes did not transfer . . . which is very improbable. If I am not accepted, I think I should take it as a sign that I should stop trying to chase a career outside of teaching. Geez!

Hopefully I will find out tomorrow what the deal is. Then I'll either prepare myself to start the program this summer, or I'll hit the pavement with some resumes heading for the schools!

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Kat said...

Good luck!

And sorry about your grandma...I know it's hard to see them go, my grandpa died 3 years ago, but I am so grateful for the memories we shared.