Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby Slings Galore

I am a baby sling connoisseur.  When I was pregnant, I thought that the highlight of motherhood would be carrying my little bundle of joy around in a stylish little baby carrier.  I had many slings given to me.  So I have personal experience with 5 different brands, and I am here to give my two cents on them.  (By the way, because I have a husband that also wants to use the sling, I have to get boring neutral colors.  But I do appreciate having a husband like that).

Maya Wrap - I got a hand-me-down and I was so excited about it.  It was an XL, but I figured it was just a bunch of fabric with some rings, so I could adjust it.  I think I would've liked this one a whole lot, but I couldn't get it to fit right.  

Baby Bjorn - The old standby . . . but Davie is 6 weeks old now and is still a bit small for this.  I think this one will be great when she gets a little bigger, like when we go on hikes and junk.  
BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Original Star

Hotslings - Again, I got this one a bit too big.  It is not adjustable, but I washed it and it shrunk up a little bit.  But because it's not adjustable at all, it's kind of difficult to get the baby in and out sometimes.  

Munchkin Cargo Sling - This one was quite awkward.  It had a teeny strap that digs into your shoulder, and the sling is like an elastic bag that you place your baby in.  Weird.   
Jelly Bean  Cargo Sling

Baby K'Tan - MY FAVORITE.  This one is fabulous.  It has straps to go over both shoulders to equalize the weight.  It is 100% cotton, so it's nice and stretchy and obviously adjustable somewhat.  You can also wear it like 8 different ways.  Davie really seems comfortable in this one, and it's definitely more comfy for me.  
tie dye baby carrier

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