Friday, October 17, 2008

Cry It Out / Weaning Binky / Eating More

Davie has been pretty difficult the past 3 or 4 days . . . compared to the breathing babydoll she was before that is.  I have scoured the internet looking up thing that might tell me what to do to help her be more content.  I already mentioned the over-tired issue . . . but I think that is because she is not napping well for one of the following reasons now:

A)  She has gotten used to sleeping on us, and now we've started trying to put her down before she's asleep and she wakes up early (like after 25-35 minutes).

B)  She wakes up wanting her pacifier, or if she has it to begin with, it falls out and she wakes up.

C)  She doesn't eat enough, and wakes up hungry.

I think all of these play a role in why she is not sleeping well . . . my mistake was trying to tackle all these issues at the same time.  It made for a VERY mad baby, and a VERY anxious mom.  Anyways, I decided the easiest thing to fix is trying to get her to eat more at each feeding.  After looking over my little "baby log", I realized the times she slept the longest were the times she ate the most before.  

I think she wants to be like her momma and eat small amounts very frequently.  So today I am stretching out the time between feedings to see if she'll eat more (she is also a very leisurely eater).  

I think the next thing to tackle is the pacifier thing.  By the way, let me know your thoughts on pacifiers and your experience with them.  I think we'll just hold her or rock her or whatever for a few days instead of using the pacifier.  I don't want her to NEED it to sleep or stay asleep.  We'll see.  

Then at some point we'll work on the napping in her crib thing.  She does good at night, so I'm not too worried about it.  But I can't handle the "cry it out" thing yet.  


Emery Jo said...

pacifiers are great.

Ezra used one for about 4 months and then became disinterested on his own. Helped with the sleeping at first!

Melinda said...

We use a binky at bedtime sometimes still but Gracie lets it fall out after she gets good and asleep and she doesn't cry for it. Maybe your baby is going through a growth spurt? I think they all have times where they don't sleep as well as they had been. Gracie was sleeping through the night for about 2 months when she started teething and got an ear infection and that through off her sleep schedule for a month. I don't do the "cry it out" yet either and mine is 6 mos. tomorrow. I do let her cry longer and sometimes she will go back to sleep but I've never let her go hours like some people.

Angela said...

Our baby girl is a little younger than yours, so I can't say I have much experience to share from, but when she has a pacifier in her mouth, she generally sucks so vigorously she shoots it right out, so we have to hold it in for her to be able to use it. Therefore, we only use the pacy when she's fussy and is not supposed to eat for another hour or so (if she's too fussy for the pacy, she gets to eat early, but usually she just needs the sucking and she's happy), or if we're in public and can't easily utilize other methods of calming her. Therefore, she does not tend to rely on the pacifier too much. However, I still worry, whenever we put it in that someday she will become dependent. I suppose as mothers, there is always something to worry about . . .

Shan said...

how old is Davie?? I think they say that they go through a growth spurt around 8 weeks and they are really fussy for a few weeks (maybe days) then calm back down. We are hitting one right now at 2 weeks and home girl is eating every hour and 45 minutes... except at night. She just slept four hours and I am up tickling her trying to get her to eat. I hate middle of the night feedings... neither one of us want to be awake. Good luck!