Monday, October 27, 2008

Dunstan Baby Language

I love libraries.  They are like heaven for someone like me that is always looking for my next "new thang".  That "new thang" right now is my baby.  So of course, I am researching all things baby . . . and driving my husband nuts I'm sure.  

Well, I have checked out the "Dunstan Baby Language" DVD from my local library.  I saw this lady on Oprah last year when I was barely pregnant, and vowed to look into it.  However, I was unwilling to purchase the overpriced video (I'm extra glad now that I discovered I could get the extremely-short DVD from the library).  

My review:  short but helpful.  Definitely worth checking out.  I guess you can read about it online.  Heck, I could even tell you all of it, BUT it is really helpful to hear the different babies making the sounds.  The idea is there are 5 main different cries (because of 5 main different reflexes).  After they introduce each new cry, they show 20+ babies making that sound.  All the cries do sound very similar, so it's helpful to know what to listen for and then to hear it so many times.  

It was about 5:00pm when I watched it . . . time to feed Davie.  Steven had said she was taking forever to eat earlier so she may or may not eat on time.  As I was watching the video I started listening to her little sounds.  If this video was gospel, then she was telling me she needed to burp.  We hadn't really even started eating yet though.  But I started patting, and out came a burp.  We started to eat again . . . barely . . . and again, she started making the burping sound.  So I patted her again for much longer this time, and out came another burp.  This carried on, off and on, for an hour.  Finally, we got all the air out, and then the food could fit in.  Then we burped some more and some more.  I had no idea she could burp so much.  I started to wonder if she tries to do this everytime we eat.  Interesting.  

Oh by the way, usually I just burp Davie every 3-5 minutes (.5-1 ounces).  And we still have problems with her projectile vomitting at least once every 2-3 days.  Sometimes more often.  Ewww.  But the DVD said not to pull the bottle away from the baby to burp.  It says wait until the baby pulls away and makes the burping sound to burp her, and keep burping until she stops making that sound.  I was nervous, and expecting lots of vomit . . . but it seemed to work . . . this time.  I'll keep you updated.

Anyways, I wish the website ( had a forum though so I could ask questions.  Like what sound do they make when they want a pacifier?  The hungry cry or the uncomfortable cry?  Also, Davie didn't make the sleepy cry sound even though I know for a fact she was very sleepy . . . is that because she wanted her pacifier first and foremost, and the need for sleep came after that?  

Well, if anything, the burp thing worked, and I think that will help!

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Shan said...

i watched the video as well. I think the noises are pretty on with Carsyn... but she honestly doesn't make much noise. So are you not breast feeding??