Monday, January 5, 2009


Davie is still trying to cough up that gunk.  She seems like she feels much better today.  No big fever.  But she is hardly eating.  

ALSO - she has been coughing stuff up and gagging on it . . . too long for me not to panic.  It is the worst.  There is not a chance that I will not sleep right beside her tonight.  If she sleeps in her room, I will get up every single time she makes a noise for fear that she is choking.  

It made me spastically wonder, "What do I do if she IS choking?"  So I googled it and found some youtube videos.  How did I learn things before the internet?  

Will there ever be rest again?  I hope so.  Steven will be home in a few hours from his WAY TOO long trip.  

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