Friday, January 2, 2009

REAL Motherhood

Yesterday I felt more motherly than I have in the past 18 weeks.  I spent too much money at Target getting things that I thought might make Davie feel better.  I did a whole lot of baby holding and soothing.  We really had a lovely day together.  Girl time.  It was like when I was little and sick and stayed home from school.  Of course, you didn't feel good, but you kind of felt special there at home with your mom and/or dad.  

I put some towels under her crib mattress, and set the humidifier going with some menthol vapors.  We took a nice warm bath, had a baby massage, and drank some warm milk while I sang lullabies to her.  She fell asleep while drinking and stayed asleep over 3 hours.  I was a little bit afraid that she wouldn't sleep at all that night, so I'd try to gently rouse her, but she got sooooo mad, and fell right back asleep.  So I just let it happen.

She did well last night.  She woke up at midnight and 6:30am . . . and I think she only did that because she had rolled down her crib mattress (it was quite inclined) and was uncomfortable.  

Anyways, I would've thought it would have been very frustrating and stressful taking care of a sick baby while my husband is out of town.  But it was . . . I don't know.  I mean she is absolutely helpless at this point and she needs a mommy or a daddy to help her.  It was kind of therapeutic doing things that helped her and SEEING that they helped her.  

I love her a lot.  We miss the man in our life.

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