Thursday, January 1, 2009

the most heartbreaking sound you've ever heard

your 4 month old with her first cough.  pathetic.  so i'm thinking davie's waning sleeping skills the past few days are from fighting an oncoming cold, which she now has.  she is officially the saddest child.  last night was awful.  steven and i went to bed early on new year's even knowing that we had a rough night ahead, and he was also leaving early the next morning around 5am to go out of town.  so we went to bed at 11pm, and she woke up every hour from then until 5am.  we finally brought her to bed with us and listened to her poor little nose trying to get some air.  she woke up coughing and breaking out hearts.  so we cleaned out her nose, tried to feed her, and put her in her swing so she could sit upright (which helped so much!!!  why didn't we think of that earlier?!)  i went back to sleep on the couch beside her until 7:30am.  

i'm not as worried about her little cold, or our lack of sleep, as her lack of food intake yesterday!  she usually has 20-25 ounces a day . . . and she had 14 (that was us forcing her to eat).  so far today she's doing better.  i called the nurse to get some tips, and she said to warm up her bottle, which seemed to work.  i'm also going to get a cool mist humidifier today.  

for the next few days i will be writing everyday, probably with very uninteresting things to most people.  but it will be steven's only way of checking in on his girls, and he told me to write everyday everything. 

poor steven, he was so sad this morning leaving the scene.  but i told him he couldn't cancel his trip just because davie has a cold.  i hope he still enjoys himself.  we love you steven.

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