Saturday, January 17, 2009

Was that a roll?

Yesterday Davie rolled from her belly to her back.  And for some reason, I have not tried to have her do it again.  The fact that she has been extremely fussy all day today may have something to do with it.  I hope she's not getting sick again!

Last night she woke up a whole lot (she likes to do this on the nights Steven goes out of town).  

I didn't realize how clockwork-ey she is until today when she was so thrown off.  She pretty much falls asleep every night around 6:30-7:30pm, we feed her between 9-10, and she's out until 8:00am.  The days are a little less predictable, but still we know about when she'll get sleepy.  But last night she woke up so much and finally at 6am, I gave in and changed her diaper and fed her a few ounces.  I thought maybe she would sleep later than 8am, since she had food in her tummy, and she hadn't slept as much - but no.  She was my 8:00 alarm.  The rest of the day has been insane.  She's had bouts of smiles, but mostly she's been crying if she's awake and not eating . . . or if I'm not holding her and walking around.  I hope this is just a result of her being thrown off her schedule, or maybe a tooth is coming.  

Please Lord, don't let that baby get sick again!  I don't think Steven can handle it.

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