Tuesday, March 3, 2009

6 months

I could be in the middle of a slap-fight with a leprechaun, and this child could make me smile!

She has the funniest little faces.

This is in the car.  She gets REALLY giggly in the car if she has someone to look at.  

People go on and on about how she is my mini-me.  I'm flattered, but honestly, I don't see it so extremely.  I think maybe I just look like a giant 6 month old.  Anyways, I'm just glad she is mine.


mgoff said...

love the new pictures. She is so cute! WE have been trying rice cereal for the past 4 weeks very unsuccessful. So today I tried mixing it with a little bit of apple juice and water. She ate it a little better but still not great. I bought some level one foods at the store today and just thought I might pick one and try....what about you? I really have no idea what I am doing.

Leslie said...

Love her little smile in that carseat pic!

Kelsey and Evan said...

Kinsey, your little girl is beautiful. I found your site through shannons...what a pretty little girl :)

mckenziegordon said...

I can see both of you guys in Davie. You're shaped face, but she looks a lot like Grace and Avery to me. So cute none the less.

Shan said...

I will totally support you in this. Text me while she is crying.. it's so worth it. She cried one hour the first night, 20 last night and 10 tonight!! Moving on up!!! So my pediatrician told me what to do... because I called her a mess.
I started a little bed time routine with her. I get her in her PJ's... play with her a little. Feed her. Read her 2 little books. Then put her music on, hug her and snuggle for like 2 minutes (she's still wide awake) and then I lay her down. ( I don't swaddle her anymore). After then minutes, I go in and give her her paci and put my hand on her face. She grabs on for dear life (WHICH BREAKS MY HEART) and then I stay there for a few minutes while she clams down and sometimes goes to sleep. Sometimes when I leave she cries again and then sometimes she is out for good. But my doctor told me to never pick her up because once you do it starts the process all over again. Anyways, I can email you more but I would totally try it.

She is six months old though so she could be waking up in pain because of teething???