Monday, March 9, 2009

Back is best . . . until now

Last night Davie slept on her tummy . . . all night.  She has been rolling to her tummy in her sleep and then waking up mad from the change of position.  Last night, as I was putting her to bed, she would immediately roll to her tummy and then start fussing.  So I patted her back and gave her a paci, and she just collapsed in a little baby heap.  She stayed that way all night and was pretty peaceful.  I, however, was a nervous wreck.  Even though I knew once babies can roll both ways, it's not a risk to sleep on their tummies.  I would wake up without hearing her cry, and go feel her back to make sure she was breathing.  Psycho-mommy.  

She is getting SO active.  Rolling all over the place.  

Oh yeah, we stopped swaddling and we are now using the sleep sack.  Now, we just have to wind down the paci-usage.  


Shan said...

I am super physco mommy. When I put Carsyn down at night before I go to bed I check on her 37 million times

mgoff said...

Daisy has been rolling to her tummy during the night for the past two months. She hasn't learned to roll back yet so she wakes up mad and when she does sleep on her tummy I also am a nervous wreck. I have been spending many nights sleeping in the chair beside her crib so I totally understand where you are coming from!

The Pybs said...

You are so on the ball- just breezing through these life stages. Maybe you should start potty training? Davie and I missed you yesterday at cuppies. we played and laughed and read a book together. she is so fun. maybe we can lounge this weekend instead of jog? sound good?