Sunday, March 15, 2009

Two nights down, Seven to go.

Okay, we've got two nights under our belt.  They were both good ones.  She slept from 8pm-7:30am without needing me or anyone else.  Beautiful.  

Yesterday, my mom and I went in to Tulsa.  I got a magnificent stroller on sale for nearly half off at Babies R Us.  I have been in want of a new stroller.  The one we have fits the car seat, but it is very bulky and hard to get open and closed.  I wanted something that would be easy to throw in the car and get out really quickly if we needed to run into the mall or something.  Her car seat is getting SO heavy now, so I want to carry it as little as possible.  Anyways, we looked and looked and looked.  Finally we found one . . . just one item . . . that was left on sale.  It was perfect.  It has custom reclining positions, one hand opening and closing (really, we tested it ourselves), and it's tall enough that you don't have to break your back pushing it.  It also folds up nice and skinny.  

I also got Davie some wider neck bottles so she can learn to hold it herself.  She always starts out by grabbing it and pulling it to her mouth but then she gets so relaxed she lets go.  Oh well.  
Davie has been a true angel the past few days.  My parents are in love with her.  My dad can hardly be a foot from her if they are in the same house.  I am a lucky, lucky mom.

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