Saturday, March 7, 2009


Moms and non-moms alike either know or can imagine how your to-do lists change once you have a baby.  It gets much, much longer, and you have less and less time to check things off.  So you end up picking the most important, and everything else will just have to wait.  

Steven and I had a talk this week about moving our relationship back up to the top of that to-do list.  It's so easy to not take care of each other because we are so busy taking care of the baby and our jobs and ourselves.  One of the things that I offered to do to help carry this out was to stay up at least until TEN O'CLOCK PM.  Most adults stay up much, much later than this I understand.  Not I.  I have always been an early to bed person.  I'm also trying to get all of my schoolwork done by 4 or 5, even if I have to stay at school to do it (the last place I want to be after 3pm) so I can come home and be quasi-carefree and spend QUALITY time with my family.  
I'm very lucky to have a husband like Steven who doesn't let any of these issues stay on the back-burner.  I cannot tell you how much I love that human.  

I have been so excited about today.  I was going to spend a day at home with Davie cleaning and just eating her up while Steven is teaching all morning and afternoon.  It hasn't gone exactly as planned.  Davie is SUPER-needy today . . . even for a 6 month old.  Something is up with that gal.  I would swear she is teething, but I see NOTHING.  She has pooped three times already today, and is running a little fever.  Also, unlike the usual laidback Davie, she cries anytime she cannot see me.  That makes it a little difficult to clean while she's awake.  

I've been thinking (for like 6 months now) about when to wean her from the pacifier and the swaddler and maybe letting her cry it out for naps and bedtime.  But everytime I get serious about it, something happens like a growth spurt, or sickness, or I think she is teething.  I don't know, we might wait til Spring Break and have Baby Boot Camp to get all these things under control.  Then again, maybe not.  


mckenziegordon said...

we went on a couples retreat this weekend and talked about that very thing...considering each other first, ahead of ourselves or other priorities. It's so easy to push the closest ones to the end of the line because they love you anyway. Love you guys! Maybe we can come up and Davie-sit so you guys can go on a wonderful date.

mgoff said...

We just started swaddling daisy with her arms out last week. We felt like that was a step forward in the letting go of the swaddle blanket. We really can't tell if it has worked because she has been waking up during the night because of her runny nose and cough! It has been fun! Chris and I hear you on the priority thing--it is tough, really tough!