Thursday, March 19, 2009

Diaper Rash

I have absolutely adored being on break.  I'm past the halfway point now though, and I'm dreading going back.  I have had so much fun with Davie.  The only thing that would've made this time better is if Steven wasn't gone for so long.  

Question:  Davie has her first REALLY bad diaper rash.  Probably from new fruits in her diet.  Butt Paste ain't doin' squat.  Anyone have any new ideas?


Shan said...

burts bees diaper butt stuff works MIRACLES... heals her butt in one minute. butt paste hurts her more :(

Madfarmer said...

Harper had a bad diaper rash once caused by YEAST. Ew. So nothing worked but Clotrimazole (generic antifungal cream you can get anywhere). Yep- it's for athlete's foot but it worked when nothing else did! Also, let her be diaperless out in the sun and fresh air for a bit!

Love you- call me if you have questions!


mgoff said...

I love A&D Gold. Has worked well for Daisy!