Monday, June 8, 2009

baby food frustrations

When Davie was 5 months we started giving her rice cereal, etc.  She loved it.  Lately she is getting more and more disinterested with baby food.  I have to distract her with a toy and then put it in her already open mouth.  It is wildly frustrating to me.  I know she is hungry because she takes a big bottle after I try to feed her . . . I've also tried feeding her in the middle of a bottle and after a bottle . . . no real difference.  

The past few nights she has been waking up every 2-3 hours and been really hungry.  Last night she ate 3 times between 11am and 5 am.  I'm tired.  

I've read in a few forums that around 9 months some kids decide that baby food is not fun anymore.  They want to feed themselves.  Davie does enjoy feeding herself those little crunchies and crackers they make for this stage.  So we may try some more of that.  I also just bought some of those mesh bag self-feeders.  Did your kids go through a phase like this?  

I would love it if she would sleep through the night again.  That would make my week.  


William, Megan and Avery said...

Avery is 7mo and already acting like that.... she loves chunks of food!! I just give her the real thing- steam it to make it really soft then cut it into tiny chunks, and she does okay with it!

You might also try puree-ing your own baby food. It has more flavor than the jar stuff (avery won't eat the stuff in the jar since i started making hers) AND it's way cheaper! I cook for one afternoon and it lasts for a month or two. check out

good luck! :)

Cassie Hays said...

ok so i remember this very feeling. they go threw stages of not eating, it is so very not good. Emrie, is big on pasta. i would make her those little pasta shells or penne noodles and then just put some alfrado sauce or even some Italian dressing on them. if she can't swallow it yet, then smash it up. it will get better. also learn from my mistakes, milk gives them cavities. always after the brushing of teeth at night, give them water after that.