Monday, June 22, 2009

decisions, schmesicions.

I hate the pressure of making decisions.  If you've ever been shopping with me, you can back me on this.  I would love to wear a uniform everyday - one more thing I don't have to decide.  Anyways, I potentially have yet another difficult decision to make.  

I have been all squared away to teach Geometry and Algebra at PC West High School this fall.  I have been excited and anxious to get back into teaching high school and start what I hoped would be a long term career there.  I have dreams beyond that also that I wrote into this story.  After teaching there a year or two, I would start taking classes for my Master's and be a part of revolutionizes what needs to be revolutionized in public education.  

However, today Lisa (my fellow-teaching BFFI) calls me and tells me they have a position she wants me to fill at her school.  She works at KIPP Reach College Prep in OKC.  They teach inner city 5th-8th graders.  The position is attractive for many reasons - experience with the demographic, knowledge gained under AMAZING professional development, big pay increase, and working with my best friend of course!  Also, Lisa mentioned a big potential to split a teaching position in the future (for babies and school).  The position is to manage the computer lab, guide students through their personalized online tutorials, and tutor one on one or in small groups when needed.  That means no papers to grade, and no lessons to plan, and still getting to foster relationships with students.  The cons are long hours (7:15am - 5:00pm), it's not high school, and it's not math.  

So, what do I do (assuming I had my choice to take the KIPP position)?  They are such different options!  Oy.


Shan said...

so i pondered this for a few days for ya.
Here are my thoughts slash questions. You do not have to answer them, just some food for thought.

Is the pay increase enough that the time increase would not matter? I know you have said that you stay at school late sometimes to finish up your lesson plans so you bring no work home. With the other position would you be working about the same since you will have no lesson plans and grading?
Which one of these best matches your goal, dream and vision for teaching? I know sometimes we just have to put our big girl panties on and take the job that brings in the bucks, but IF you can choose, choose the one for you. The one where you, Davie and Stephen will be the happiest ;)
Good luck!

Madfarmer said...

My only thought is that you are soooo good with highschool students- and good math teachers are so rare!

Whatever you do, I know that your students will love you and be lucky to have you for a teacher.