Friday, June 12, 2009

She Eats! She Dances! She Stands?

So, after a couple weeks of trying to shove a spoonful of baby food in Davie's mouth when she wasn't looking, I gave up.  I just kept giving her those starchy baby crunchies that she could put in her own mouth . . . and then waking up with a starving baby multiple times a night.  After a few nights of that I started putting some rice cereal in her last bottle, and that helped her sleep at night.  But I worried about the nutrition she was getting.  Anyways, while on this Colorado trip of ours, I decided to play it cool but keep offering some sort of food in a spoon just in case it was a phase.  Yesterday for the first time in weeks, the child opened her mouth for the spoon!  BREAKTHROUGH!  I just had her in my lap.  I gave her a Nilla Wafer first (she loves em!  who doesn't?) and then offered the spoon of oatmeal.  She ate the whole bowl.  WEEEEE!  So for dinner we tried some prunes.  I remembered she liked them from back in the day.  Also, ate the whole bowl.  So I don't know if it was a phase, or if I just did things differently, like offer her something to munch on first, and feed her while she was sitting in my lap.  Who knows.  But I'm happy.  She slept pretty good last night.

In other even more exciting news, Davie can bust a move!  It started last week.  You sing her a song or do any kind of beat with your mouth, and she gets down and funky.  She bobs up and down, and then she swings her shoulders back and forth and shimmies her little baby body.  It is officially my favorite thing.  

She is also trying to stand on her own.  She'll pull up and then slowly let go, wait a few seconds and then gracefully sit down.  She'll be walking in no time.

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